The GameBook Authoring Tool 1.8

The GameBook Authoring Tool 1.8: Write and visualise 'Choose your own Adventure' stories and interactive novels visualise `Choose your own Adventure` stories, interactive novels and gamebooks. See the full graph of your book grow as you write. Select any section to add more choices or rework the text. Shuffle these sections automatically. Write the paragraphs and the choices between them. See a graph of your book and visualise each branch and choice. Colour each section to indicate events, combat, dice rolls or anything you like Export your book to rich text

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visualise your project as 3D rendered views with respect to its planning schedule in Primavera software. This has been built with the Ristems innovative Introuter Technology based on high end research. Monitor your project anywhere from the world. CONSIM monitoring system is completely web based. i.e, you can monitor your project (running in London) by sitting in New York. Data Date - Visualisation. You can visualise the project as per the latest

project monitoring, construction, project management, simulation

FuzzyFluid 1.11: FuzzyFluid is using fuzzy logic to interpret cerebrospinal fluid data
FuzzyFluid 1.11

The purpose of the FuzzyFluid program is to visualise the use of fuzzy logic in an expert system developed to interpret cerebrospinal fluid, which can be used in normal laboratory procedures, especially in the field of pathology. The program requires information about cytological findings as well as data on glucose concentration and protein levels.

meningitis, pathology, medical software, cerebrospinal fluid, protein, multiple sclerosis, expert system, calculation, glucose, interpretation, fuzzy logic, cytology

Analyse-it! Standard Edition 2.22: Powerful and accurate statistical and charting software for Microsoft Excel
Analyse-it! Standard Edition 2.22

- Describe samples, distributions, correlations and relationships - Visualise relationships, distributions, & differences - Test difference, change, correlation, agreement or prediction hypotheses - Integrated into Microsoft Excel 97, 2000, 2002, 2003 & 2007 - Accurate, reliable statistics, not built on Excel functions - Jargon-free statistical reference, help, & tutorials - A proven product over the last 10 years

anova, regression, statistics, add in, statistical, t test, mann whitney, excel add in, histogram, correlation, boxplot, normality

CollectionSpy 1.1: Java profiler for your program`s Collections Framework usage
CollectionSpy 1.1

CollectionSpy is a Java profiler that focuses exclusively on your system`s Collections Framework usage. Lets you visualise, in real time, all collection API accesses, content and accessing Threads. Analysis rules let you quickly find which collections are being used in buggy or sub-optimal ways. Corruption detection lets you detect when a hashing container gets corrupted due to mutating keys.

framework, collections, profiler, java

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